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18th Century Eleganza

Continuing our conversation on the importance of fashion in history, I wanted to look this week at an iconic figure that has been largely forgotten by history; George “Beau” Brummell. Not only did Brummell curate a signature look for himself, but for many of the young fashionable men that followed his lead that called themselves a Dandy. Brummell’s characteristic looks hinged on dark well-cut fabrics that remain in fashion today. Over two centuries later, a version of his sartorial influence persists in the form of a finely tailored dark suit. However, the Dandy was more than just a choice in fashion, it became a way of life where young men desired to be noticed for one’s simple attire without using grandiloquent accessories. Which contrasted the widely held belief in the late 18th century that fashion was a display of wealth. The more baubles you had, the wealthier you were.Brummel was born into a moderately wealthy family in 1778 in England. He attended Eton where he made several co…

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